Croydon Tai Chi & Qi Gong


Class closed due to Corona Virus will recommence when Government lock down lifted!

Current students will be informed on live dates.

Croydon Instructors Bea, Sarah, Siu & Adam



Do you want to?

  • Build your Wellbeing and Feel Good?
  • Make Stress a thing of the past and Take Control of Your Life?
  • Build your Immune System and Feel Better All Around?
  • You need to come and learn Tai Chi & Qigong at our class

Come along to the friendly class- Make new friends and learn amazing things! Come for our Free taster Class Sign Up Now (link)  Senior instructors personally chosen by Chief Instructor Master John Hine , Hon President and a founder member of the tai Chi Union for Great Britain  We have been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong in Croydon for over 25 years for people just like you. Benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong.   Research from around the world has demonstrated that Tai Chi & Qigong can;

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