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Master Hine no longer runs basic weekly Tai Chi Classes and focuses on training students who not only know the form completely but wish to progress further.

This not only encompasses the Tai Chi Sword, Broadsword, Pushing Hands, Qigongs but also advanced versions of the Tai Chi Solo Form.  These advanced versions of the Yang Tai Chi form allow the Chi energy to circulate freely throughout the whole of your body.  Regular practice helps not only to strengthen your health and wellbeing but also elevate your mental and spiritual state.


Empty Hand Forms.
Advanced Qigongs
Pushing Hands - intermediate to advanced
Sword Basic to Advanced Versions
Broadsword Basic to Advanced

Advanced Tai Chi Solo Form
At a basic level, Tai Chi is about learning the form, getting the postures correct, and relaxing while doing it.  However, at an advanced level, our aim is not only to improve your postures but to amplify your energy and circulate it more freely.

Moving through the advanced levels.
There are several levels or layers which are taught in the advanced training.  Each level or layer introduces new techniques which accelerate the free circulation of your rapidly accumulating energy store.  By accumulating more Energy enhances your resistance to disease and helps slow down the aging process.  

Tai Chi Sword
We not only teach you how to use the Ta Chi effectively but also move the developed Chi energy while you are doing it.

Qigong (energy Building) for Mind and Body
We teach several versions of Qigong, each with a specific purpose.  Some exercises enhance the body, build resistance whilst others clear, quieten and enhance your mind.

By accumulating energy and applying the meditations also aids in thinking more clearly and gaining self-mastery

Tai Chi Broadsword
The broadsword is the second weapon taught in Yang Tai Chi.  The broadsword tends to be heavier and less easy to use than the Sword (Gim).  This is the whole point, weapons make doing the form harder to do smoothly, overcoming this awkwardness enhances your energy circulation.  With practice, the weapon forms become, smooth and effortless.

To apply to join the Yang Style Advanced Class in either Croydon or Morden Surrey please click here and tell us something about yourself and your experience.

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