You have probably never seen repulse Monkey done this way before as a simple Qigong exercise.  The Kidney is very important in traditional Medicine as it powers the whole energy system of your body.

To be specific the exercise stimulates the Belt Meridian which circles your waist.  The Belt meridian is unusual in that most of the energy pathways go either u and down the limbs or body.  

Take it nice and slow by not trying to breathe too deeply or doing too many reps.  five breaths is more than enough to start with each day, especially if you are doing the exercises i have shown you before in this blog.

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Have you Forgotten why you came Here?

standard_have_you_forgotten_why_you_came_here.jpegRob was enthusiastic when he arrived at our class. He explained that stress was getting to him and that his energy was low. Wanting to end that problem as fast as possible and launched himself into Tai Chi and Qigong. At every class there was his happy face beaming back at us. Rob was now relaxed and calm, his energy had returned and his life was good.

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Insomniacs face a greater risk of heart attacks and strokes

standard_insomniacs_face_a_greater_risk_of_heart_attacks_and_strokes.jpegBut there is a good way to correct that-Tai Chi

Not getting enough sleep might kill you

An important study with 500,000 people aged 51 + discovered evidence that not getting enough sleep might kill you. – reported Connor Boyd in the Daily Mail.

In fact, the likelihood increased by 20% adding to a growing mountain of research linking insomnia to poor health.

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