In the media we are constantly hearing about people suffering from Stress and Anxiety in the lockdown. A simple answer is Mindfulness in Movement, easier than Meditation Mindfulness but can be just as effective. This is one of the exercises the exercises we showed when teaching Mindfulness in Movement in the Houses of Parliament.

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How to Keep yourself Well-balanced in 21st Century.

standard_how_to_keep_yourself_sane.jpegMeditate and do Tai Chi

We are told in the media that everyone wants to meditate. Everyone’s doing it apparently. It is the trend of the moment. The world keeps spinning faster driven by social media and tech. You can get caught up in the latest trends and find yourself going down paths best avoided. There are constant programmes on TV about the ills of social media and trying to fit into the madness.

Looking for Answers

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Muscle strength, Flexibility, Aerobic Conditioning Updated

Even though Tai Chi is slow and gentle doesn't leave you out of breath, but it does address the important components of fitness.

Muscle strength, Flexibility, Aerobic Conditioning

Flexibility, aerobic conditioning and to a certain extent aerobic conditioning can by doing Tai Chi.

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Fighting Work Place Stress with Tai Chi

The obvious objective of practicing martial arts is to prepare to face a potentially dangerous situation that may involve physical aggression. In such a situation, we can find three types of reactions, Escape, Submission or Aggression. The development of the skill and capacity of the practitioner will allow him/her to choose the answer right for that situation.

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