Losing Energy? Avoid these 3 energy Draining Activities

Innocent Habits Robbing you of your energy

You tend to lose energy as you get older, is a common belief held by most of us, but not necessarily true. What is true is that we lose Mitochondria (energy power packs inside and less ATP - the molecule that transports energy to our body. There are also medications and chronic conditions that might zap you of your get up and go.

But there a many lifestyle choice that can cause daily fatigue and feeling sluggish. These are all in your own hands to change and put energy back into your life.

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Ever Asked yourself why You Feel Tired all the Time? 7 reasons Why you Should be Doing Tai Chi

Do you ever wonder why you feel so tired all the time? then this article might just give you the answers you need. following are some of the most common reasons why tiredness can get you and how you can spring back into action.

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Tai Chi Christmas survival boost

You must be Selfish this time of year.

I know that we are always told not to be selfish, but if you don’t look after your needs first you can’t look after anyone else!

 Be selfish – take some time away from everyone else when you need to.  Read a book, soak in the bath, go for a walk, take yourself out for lunch or coffee.  Practise your tai chi daily, to give your mind and break from life and to exercise your body. 

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