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Class closed due to Corona Virus will recommence when Government lock down lifted!

Current students will be informed on live dates.



We might have appeared very quiet recently since we began lock down and our schools had to close for a while during the virus.  It is just that we have been so busy trying to get as many classes online as we could.  It has not been easy trying to move so many groups online, with so many technical challenges.

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Hibernation Is Not The Answer -Tai Chi Is!

Tai Chi Builds You Up for Winter

It’s getting colder and the days are shorter.  Less natural light can make you want to hibernate and make you sluggish.  It can also make you irritable and stressed too!  We crave high fat, sugary foods and become annoyed and disappointed with ourselves when we put on weight and change shape.

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First Motion Sensor App for Tai Chi

Taichi Temple, the First Motion Sensor App for Tai Chi, Launches Today

Until now, Tai Chi apps have not been that good, leaving some to wonder if it’s even worth buying one. Some don’t believe that Tai Chi can be taught properly via an app. Well, the same was said about videos and DVDs once upon a time. There are good and bad with DVDs and videos and, I strongly suspect, the same will be true for the Apps for a while.



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Alternative cancer treatments: 11 alternative treatments worth a try

Alternative cancer treatments can’t cure your cancer, but they may provide some relief from signs and symptoms. Many people with cancer are interested in trying complementary and alternative cancer treatments. If cancer makes you feel as though you have little control over your health, alternative cancer treatments may offer some hope.

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