3 x as much spent on weight loss surgery


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Just a little bit of exercise every day will make a huge difference – don’t stop that is the secret, be tenacious and walk a little every day. Don’t miss a day, don’t give up, you will see results and you will feel so much better too. Not everyone is built for, or likes, running or swimming or cycling. Don’t let this put you off, just keep trying different forms of exercise until you find the one you like. Walking is great, as its low impact on your joints, its free and everyone already knows how to do it. Its a good place to start if you are unfit or recovering from injury, before you move onto something a little more strenuous.3 x weight loss surgery spending

When you want to lose a few extra pounds it’s not always easy. Quite often it is the hustle and bustle of life and the stress that go with it can help pile on the pounds. Tai Chi, we have found, is one of the best stress reducers around keeping you calm and in control, removing the need to comfort eat. Even better it also helps increase metabolism and gently starts to build your muscles.

This article is quite shocking, we are letting people down, putting them through more stress, strain and pain by not helping people to lose weight and maintain and healthy weight in the first place. Surgery is not the easy option, it carry many, many risks and there is a lot of pre-op requirements too. How-spend-three-times-weight-loss-surgery-campaigns-telling-people-not-fat-place.html

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