Common themes to be Mindful of with sleep, stress & weight


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In this blog of late certain common themes been appearing in the world of research.


These are, that stress, lack of sleep, comfort eating and obesity are all interlinked Lack of sleep causes comfort eating, which lead to stress, leads to sleep deprivation and weight gain and lack of sleep...... If you suffer from work placed stress, where you sit for long periods of time, then this situation can be even worse .


Break Free

Big Question is – where do you break this circle? Well, that depends on each individual and situation.


You need to make one change, only one, to start to improve your life and take back control. It can be something as simple as looking at the stress in your life and writing down what triggers you in each area – work, home, commute, family, finance, diet etc and rank them from 1 to 10. Pick the highest area first and look at that. Enlist a friend to help you come up with solutions to make the changes that will lower the stress in that area. Even just sitting down and taking a look at your life will get your subconscious to start thinking and making subtle differences.


Don’t do too much. Yes, that’s right, I said don’t do too much. Why? Because you need time for your mind/body to get used to and fully accept one change at a time, to allow it to stick and become part of your routine without you having to think about it.

Move Forward

When you realise what is the biggest ‘problem’ in your life is, on a conscious level, you can then start to see your life differently, rather than just going along with the same old routine. So, if you have problems sleeping, you can look at medical reports on the subject, read articles and blog dedicated to enhancing sleep, try a different night time routine. You know, as much as you would like to, that you are not going to solve this problem first time. It might take a few goes to find a workable answer, but if you are determined you will.


Write down you want to achieve and decide you want things to change. Writing down your intentions is very important to convince that hidden part of you (the subconscious) that this is more than a day dream, or wish. At the same time you are educating yourself on the options and possibilities for your life.


If you have accurately pinpointed one of your “problem” areas and begun to tackle it other areas often just start to dissolve on their own.


Whatever you do, please don’t just accept stress as something you have no control over, or just have to put up with. This is your life and you are supposed to enjoy it!

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