Moves with Tai Chi Improves your Mood

Moving is the secret to improving your mood.  As autumn and the nights start slowly begin to draw in, we start to spend more time indoors.  This could be a big mistake.  As well as exposing yourself to some sunlight, the act of moving when you walk, creates

'movement not only causes increased positive affect … but movement partially embodies, or in a sense reflects, positive affect,' the study authors from The Iowa State University wrote in the paper published in the journal Emotion. 

Even just ten minutes per day has a huge beneficial effect.  And for those of you who will site the wonderful, ever changing British weather as an excuse, I give you the quote ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!


An Antidote for Worriers


If you are a worrier then there are, apparently, three simple steps to stop you being caught up in your revolving thoughts.


Firstly, you need to recognise that brooding is a waste of time and energy, it’s not getting you any nearer to solving the problem. 2, Focus on the here and now to let worries slip away and stop them taking over, and lastly, avoid distractions as these have the opposite effect to calming down the mind.  I would also recommend being grateful for what you have right now along with some Tai Chi meditation, or mindfulness.


Keep Life in Perspective and be Happy


Tai Chi or a walk will lift your mood will not only keep you healthy, but will help you stop brooding and keep life in perspective.  Rather than relaxing, keeping busy makes us live longer, healthier lives and keeps dementia at bay!  I think there is probably a balance there somewhere, which will be unique to each individual.  You need to relax and to enjoy life, but not be too busy to stress you too much.  Again, this will make you happy!


Keeping both the mind and the body happy and in balance is key.  If you don’t like walking or don’t want to pound the streets then try some Tai Chi.  You can do this in the garden, so you will still be outside in the open air and sunshine, should there be any!  Your body is moving and you are very mindful and aware of what you are doing and how your body feels.  This allows you to forget about your daily problems and irritations and let your mind be free.  You are, literally, relaxing whilst you are exercising and improving your mood – perfect!


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