The Best Exercises for your Body


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Tai Chi is one of the very best

A Harvard Dr has listed the best exercises for your body and running is not one of the them!  He believes swimming is best overall, but closely followed by Tai Chi at number 2. The great advantage with Tai Chi is  don’t have access to a pool, or don’t like swimming.  Of course you can also do Tai Chi almost asnywhere.


Tai Chi is;

  • Great for balance,
  • memory,
  • concentration,
  • flexibility
  • and building muscle tone slowly,
  • it’s a weight bearing exercise which gradually improves your whole body and mind too!
  • As you age muscle building is essential absolutely essential.
  • Muscles building keeps you slim too!


Too Much Exercise Can Kill you! –Apparently

This after a study claiming that too much exercise can kill you!  Apparently 7 ½ hours per week can double your risk of heart disease over a 25-year period.  This is not the case for those who exercise in moderation.  There are several reasons why too much exercise is bad for you, some are listed as being bad for your gut, cause muscle pains and suppressed immune systems.   

Tai Chi Increases Immunity.

Long established research compared Tai Chi against people running 1500 metres.  Swabs were taken before and after exercise.  The running group immune markers fell after exercise.  Whereas the Ta Chi group immune markers increased.  Previous research suggested that Tai Chi & Qigong stimulated T-Killer cells which hunt down invading organisms, these are are our special forces defending us against disease.

The Good News

Having uncovered all of these stories I can happily say that I am not worried as I practise Tai Chi.  I know that sounds smug, but honestly the difference it makes is great.  There are so many proven health benefits to Tai Chi.  It sets you up mentally and physically for the day, it gently stretches your body and wakes you up.  It settles your mind, your thinking is unclouded and uncluttered before you leave the house and throughout the day.  You know you are doing yourself good and banking good health for the future too.  

If you want to find out how many healthy years you have left then you can take a look at this calculator.  Try this now and then try again in 4 months after you start your tai chi classes and see what it says then!

Time poor or lack motivation?

If you are short on time then you will love the findings in this research.  Apparently just one session of exercise per week can half the risk of heart disease!   Great for those who are time poor or lack a bit of motivation!

As does a five-minute walk can help to cut your risk of early death from cancer or cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.  If you want to up that to 30 minutes walking per day you will get some great health benefits.  

But you can’t beat daily 20 minute gentle exercise with Tai Chi.

Why not come and join us and feel the difference.  There will be a warm welcome waiting for you classes then check our list of venues and dates here


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