Day Dream, Meditate and Tai Chi your way to a bigger, happier brain!


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I wanted to start off this week with a lovely article I found about daydreaming and how it’s actually really good for you.    Apparently, it helps with creativity, problem solving and makes your mind work more efficiently too!


This got me thinking, how does this differ from meditation and tai chi?  Well, meditation affects the prefrontal cortex in your brain, this is the part responsible for logic, rational and balanced perspective.  It regulates emotional responses, allowing you to take a step back, as it were, for a situation and not take things personally.  Meditation also affects the ‘Me’ part of the rain. 

            “it processes information related to you, including when you are daydreaming, thinking about the future, reflecting on yourself, engaging in social interactions, inferring other people’s state of mind or feeling empathy for others.”


As you meditate your ability for compassion and empathy increase and your feelings of fear and anxiety are decreased.  This is an in-depth, fascinating article, do read it if you have time!  


Tai Chi also allows you to step away from yourself.  By engaging your body in a slow, gentle task your mind is free to focus on the sensations your body is sending you, to enjoying how your body feels and to focus on the moves and keep your balance.  This means that there is no room for fear, anxiety or to worry about everyday problems.  It is a bit of a cross over between meditation and day dreaming in some ways. Tai Chi in reality Mindfulness in Movement.


Tai chi teaches your brain to become clear and calm.  It also allows your brain to literally grow bigger. It creates new pathways in your brain and improves neuroplasticity, helping you respond to new experiences and cope with stress.   


Tai Chi also helps with




Physical balance

Muscle tone and

flexibility too.  It is called ‘moving meditation’ for a very good reason.  You are in a meditative state when you perform the exercises, helping both your mind and body to improve, de-stress and stay strong and healthy, no matter what your age. 


So next time you find yourself daydreaming, go with it.  And if you find yourself day dreaming about your tai chi – even better!


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