Tai Chi Christmas survival boost


Class closed due to Corona Virus will recommence when Government lock down lifted! 

 We now have an online course

Current students will be informed on live dates.

You must be Selfish this time of year.

I know that we are always told not to be selfish, but if you don’t look after your needs first you can’t look after anyone else!

 Be selfish – take some time away from everyone else when you need to.  Read a book, soak in the bath, go for a walk, take yourself out for lunch or coffee.  Practise your tai chi daily, to give your mind and break from life and to exercise your body. 

Build Your Immune system

Tai Chi and Qigong are great at boosting your immune system.  Most find that they can avoid bugs and virus doing the rounds at work.  If you do catch a cold it doesn’t seem so bad or last as long.  There are a couple of bugs are already doing the rounds at the moment laying people low.  Bearing in mind it’s that time of year that people tend to mingle and meet more in centrally heated places spreading more germs, how can you survive?

Tai Chi & Qigong build the Immune System 

Practise your Tai Chi every day.  

Keep hydrated,

Don’t just drink tea and coffee all day.  

Do eat plenty of fruits and veggies, you need their vitamins and minerals. 

 Sleep & practice

Ensure you get enough sleep and maybe change your diet to help.  There are some surprises in this article which you may not know about.   Do not practise your Tai Chi an hour before bed as you will build up too much energy and won’t be able to sleep!  Tai chi is great for helping your sleep routine.  Check out your medicine cabinet to make sure everything is still in date and maybe add one or two of these essential survival item too. 

Cut down on your alcohol if you have a sore throat or feel that you may be coming down with something.  If you are hungover, or planning a party, then here are some cures you may want to remember.  I found a handy survival guide for the sore throat bug for you. 

 Practice exercise

 Do keep exercising.  There are so many benefits for both mind and body.  Keep practising your Tai Chi indoors this time of year.  Its just too damp and bad for your lungs to practise outside right now.  But, do try to include some outside exercise like a walk, into your routine.  You can even night walk, yes, night walk, if you don’t have time in the day!  You may find your day walk turns into a night walk at this time of year!

Walk the Night

Apparently, dog owners are healthier, for a few reasons.  So, owning a dog and practising your Tai Chi will make you super happy and healthy!  If you don’t own and dog, maybe you could borrow one from a friend or neighbour or visit one of the ‘borrow my dog’ web sites.

 Managing Stress

Managing stress at this time of year is important, as stress does damage to the immune system.  Both the form and Qigong will allow you to physically relax and give your mind a chance to detach from the stresses of life.  You can leave them all behind and get lost in your practice.  It allows you to become more objective throughout the rest of the day. 

 And do not feel guilty about being selfish, taking time out for yourself will allow you to relax, re-set and get back to yourself.  You will be a nicer person to be around, so you really are helping everyone else by helping yourself. 

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