Ever Asked yourself why You Feel Tired all the Time? 7 reasons Why you Should be Doing Tai Chi

standard_sleepy.jpegDo you ever wonder why you feel so tired all the time? then this article might just give you the answers you need. following are some of the most common reasons why tiredness can get you and how you can spring back into action.


There are many reasons for chronic tiredness, including lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, stress and anxiety and of course medical conditions. According to research 15% of women complain of chronic tiredness and 10% of men. Whether that is because women actually get more tired or just that they're more aware of it only you can decide.


It is reckoned about 4% of drivers report falling asleep at the wheel, every month which is obviously extremely dangerous to themselves and just about everybody else. in America there are approximately 70000 crashes involving over 40000 injuries each year as a result of drivers feeling drowsy at the wheel. Many of those crashes will involve fatalities.


at some point in our lives everyone will go through a period of chronic tiredness. This can be caused by excessive workloads, staying up late watching TV, drinking too much alcohol too often or eating too much of the wrong things in your diet.


Quite often it is easy to pinpoint the cause of that tiredness, but at other times it is not quite so easy to pin down the problem.


Lack of sleep is an obvious answer to most problems involving tiredness. it is reckoned that 1 person in 3 is not getting enough sleep consistently. Tiredness not only increases the chances of accidents at work and in your car but it also can lead to high blood pressure, depression, heart disease and underperformance at work and in your personal life.


One obvious answer is to practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong where a lot of research has been carried out over the last few years both in America and all around the world. Tai Chi calms the system down, allows your brain to rest and diminishes stress. these are all the ingredients for a good night's sleep.


Not only does a good night's sleep make you feel better and perform at your peak it also helps you Slim too. lack of sleep causes hormones to be released that encourage you to eat sugary foods which obviously put on weight. so not only is tai chi good for your health is also good helping you sleep to.


Researchers in America have found that you need at least 7 hours sleep each night and lack of sleep it's not only associated with fatigue but also adverse health conditions to.




2 Go to bed the same time every night.


This ritual alone can lead to longer periods of sleep and feeling more refreshed in the morning.


3 Try not to doze off during the day.


We only need so much sleep in a 24-hour period if you are falling asleep or napping during the day or evening that will obviously detract from a continuous 7 hours of sleep at night.


4 Ease off social media and email before you go to bed.


it is known that the blue light from your mobile phones affect sleep patterns. In addition, if your mind is really active before you go to sleep is it any wonder that you find it difficult to drop off?


5 Make sure your bedroom is dark and well ventilated.


Cooler room temperatures encourage better sleep.


6 Try not to Consume Caffeinated Drinks after 6 p.m.


caffeine is obviously a stimulant and the last thing you need to get a good night's sleep.


7 Eating a Healthy Diet can Make a Great Difference to how you Feel.


Try cutting down on your carbohydrates which as we all know turns to sugar and is extremely addictive. having too many carbohydrates in your food makes you feel sluggish and can in pair with your sleep. eat plenty of vegetables and enough good quality protein to give your body all of the fuel it needs.


8 Get off the Couch and do some Tai Chi.


After a hard day's work it can be very tempting to slump back into your favourite chair, and watch TV, but occasionally getting up and moving around can be so much better for your mental and physical health. Of course you can do some Tai Chi and break up your evening viewing. Tai Chi and Qigong get you moving and your circulation humming along.


Research surrounding Tai Chi is very positive for both your mental and physical health, especially for calming your mind and helping you get a good night's sleep.


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