How long does the flu last?


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standard_how_long_does_the_flu_last.jpegAnd how Tai Chi and Qigong can help prevent it.

Was one of the Most Asked Questions on Google and with good reason 2017-18 flu season was the worst in almost 10 years. It encouraged many people concerned about the illness to take to the web for answers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US it takes from one to four days to develop illness in adults with symptoms. That is the length of time from being infected with the virus.

Most people get better within seven days, although many of the symptoms like lacking energy and coughing can last up to months in some cases.

Still, older adults, young children and people with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to problems like pneumonia and other related infections and conditions. In those groups the illness can last much longer and in some cases hospitalisation and even death.

There are Two Natural Answers to help preventing the Flu

A Natural Medicine answer to the Flu is Take Beta Glucan fractions 3-6.

Yes, I know that you can find Beta Glucan in Porridge Oats, but I do not think that it is in largest enough amounts to have the desired effects.

Beta Glucan tricks the Innate Immune System into thinking that it is already under attack and triggers your immune system into action.

So how does Tai Chi and Qigong help prevent these conditions?

Research on Tai Chi and Qigong has found that regular, correct practise of Tai Chi can stimulate your immune system to resist infection. Tai Chi and Qigong stimulate virus’s deadliest enemy, T -Killer cells. Part of the human immunity system T cells hunt for the virus when they are detected in the body. Who knew that the Tai Chi and Qigong we do could do something as amazing as that, from two gentle exercise programmes?

Just 20 minutes a day cannot only help build your health but also your immunity too! If you are not already a member of our Tai Chi community why not come and join us too

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