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Overcome Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm


The most often stated problems in on 2019 are Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm. It is obvious self-care is hard for everyone today, or at least for many of you.

It might be that you think that you do not have time to look after yourself, and feel guilty when you do. You have your family, your job, your responsibilities, yes, we get it. But if you do not make time to look after yourself then who is going to look after anyone else?!!


Remember what they say on your flights, if the oxygen masks secure yours first before you look after anyone else……

During your childhood you are taught to believe that your role in life was to serve others, put yourself second, third or thirty fifth, so long as it is not first. Whether that is in your job, relationship or your general wellbeing.

That indoctrination carried on into your adult life, most cultures put great value on working hard, being self-less and putting the group/community, country first in your thoughts. To sit still is a sign of laziness and sloth. That is a downward slope you do not want to take -they say.

But all of this selfless, hardworking, relentless struggle takes a lot of time and a huge amount of energy. The problem is now that so many people are tapped out is it any wonder everyone is suffering from Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm?

We are all super busy, me too, running 3 businesses at the same time is hard work. It might sound inspiring but it’s exhausting. It means that you are always on the go, and even when apparently relaxing, still thinking about tomorrow and all of your other responsibilities.

Perhaps you’re looking after your family, or an aging parent. Possibly you have several jobs to keep food on the table. Or you’re working in a full-time job while you start a side business

No matter what is the important thing to you, your own self care MUST be paramount

Trust me, don’t look after yourself you get sick, feel helpless and useless, no longer serving anyone!!

You have been coping with all of this weight and responsibility on your shoulders. You are tense, tired and need lots of strong coffee to keep going. Everything makes your irritated, even the people you care about the most.


If you don’t, it has an impact on everything, your life, family job………. There is nothing wrong with looking after yourself, it is totally necessary.

These are some of the things you need to do on a regular daily basis to look after yourself and the rest of your life. It takes time to change, so don’t get mad at yourself. Take it one step at a time and gradually introduce one or all of these suggestions over time. Start off with one thing and gradually introduce new ones over the weeks. Remember the old Chinese saying:

The longest Journey Begins with the First Step

1 Stop Doing Lots of stuff

There is no such thing as multi-tasking, you are doing lots of things one after another. The only person you are fooling is you. Every time you move onto a new thing it requires a reset in focus and an increase in the amount of energy you are consuming.

Focus on only the maximum of three things you must get done today.

2 Morning Journal

Also called morning pages. Originally it was developed by a creative writer to improve your writing skills and you had to hand write 3 pages before leaving the table.

I have developed my own twist to this exercise. Communicating with your innate wisdom. Talking to my unconscious mind is my favourite thing to do, it always has been. It is at least 40 billion times more powerful than your conscious mind, so it knows things that you don’t.

Here is the exercise;

Sit down with a piece of clean A4 paper (US Foolscap) and begin to write down what is on your mind, good or bad. You can rant and rave, snarl and spit, no one will ever see what you write. Write it all down, just let it out, do not edit it, remember nobody is watching!!

Allow stuff to float up into your mind, it might be pictures, feelings, memories, keep your mind quiet so that you become aware of it all. Become the watcher not the thinker, allow things to happen. When something new comes up, it might strike a chord, or be a deep insight to your life. Keep on writing until you have filled your page up before stepping away from the table.

Tear up or keep your morning page, it is up to you.

This is an extremely powerful exercise you will slowly begin to become aware of many things which you have been unaware of. You will also begin developing a strong connection between you and your own innate wisdom.

It is called the Morning Page simply because the mind is quieter first thing in the morning. If it is not convenient can be done anytime convenient to you.

3. Eat lots of Magnesium Foods

From the famous Nurses Study in the US we find that people who eat lots of magnesium suffer 47% less of ALL diseases.

Magnesium is a very important mineral. It's involved in countless chemical reactions in your body and is essential for you to maintain good health, but many people don't get enough.

Magnesium helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function, supports the immune system, maintains a regular heartbeat, helps form strong bones, helps regulate blood glucose levels among many other things

10 healthy foods that are high in magnesium.

Green leafy vegetables (e.g. spinach and kale)

Figs, avocado, banana and raspberries)

Nuts and seeds.

Legumes (black beans, chickpeas and kidney beans)

Peas, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, artichokes, asparagus, brussels sprouts)

4 Mindfulness Meditation

Even 10 minutes a day will make a difference. Just take some time out to be aware of what is going both inside and outside of you.

Quietly become aware of your breathing moving gently in and out of your nose. Don’t try to affect your breath in any way, just allow it to happen and be aware of it and nothing else. Any distracting thoughts that come into your mind, become aware of them and let them go.

Don’t get angry if thoughts intrude and you lose track of your breathing, just pull your attention back on your breathing.

Just the simple act of becoming aware of your breathing for 10 minutes a day can make all of the difference in slowing down your mind and being at peace.

5 Practise Tai Chi and Qigong

What list would not be complete without Tai Chi & Qigong. Meditation in movement, or medicine in Movement as one researcher described it.

There are so many conditions that these marvellous exercise routines can help along with relieving stress, reducing anxiety and help overcoming the feeling of overwhelm. Just 20 minutes a day of regular practise can do so much.

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