Losing Energy? Avoid these 3 energy Draining Activities


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standard_losing_energy_avoid_these_energy_draining_activities.jpegInnocent Habits Robbing you of your energy

You tend to lose energy as you get older, is a common belief held by most of us, but not necessarily true. What is true is that we lose Mitochondria (energy power packs inside and less ATP - the molecule that transports energy to our body. There are also medications and chronic conditions that might zap you of your get up and go.

But there a many lifestyle choice that can cause daily fatigue and feeling sluggish. These are all in your own hands to change and put energy back into your life.


When stress becomes chronic it can leave you feeling drained and out of sorts. When that stress becomes chronic it can cause serious conditions like, Heart Disease, Cancer. Chronic stress causes and increase in stress hormones like Cortisol which reduces ATP in your body, which in turn causes inflammation.

There is a saying to age is to be inflamed.

However, stress reduction exercises like Tai Chi and Qigong are associated with lower stress hormones. Even just 20 minutes a day of Tai Chi and qigong can have a noticeable difference in increasing your energy levels and reducing stress.

Chronic Inactivity

It is important as we age to remain active and maintain our muscle building exercise routines as a matter of priority. Shrinking muscles with age can compound the lack of energy and our ability to maintain strength and put on unwanted fat.

When you have less muscle you also have less mitochondria (energy generators) to give you that get up and go,

Exercise not only strengthens your muscles and make them more efficient but also increases energy producing chemicals in your brain. It is recommended by some authorities that you need to take 30 minutes exercise but this can be spread throughout the day.

Tai Chi in a lower posture can develop not only, calmness, more energy but also greater strength in your muscles too. Climbing stairs rather than taking the elevator, or getting off one stop earlier on the bus and walking can also help build strength and stamina. Obviously talk to your health care professional before engaging in more vigorous exercise.

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep not only increases stress hormone levels in your body but also two hormones which also cause you to put on weight. The hormone leptin which is produced with lack of sleep causes you to crave sweet foods like carbohydrates with cause obesity. The stress hormone Cortisol also causes inflammation the precursor of many chronic illnesses.

Poor sleep patterns sap your energy and exacerbate stress. A lot of research has indicated that Tai Chi and Qigong are effective in developing better sleep. It is while we sleep that our bodies heal themselves.

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