Leg Exercise is Important to Nerves and Brain Health Use it or lose it


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standard_leg_exercise_is_important_to_nerves_and_brain_health.jpegNew research demonstrates that your neurological health depends on as much as receiving signals from your leg muscles as it does as from brain to leg muscles.

It gives the medical profession new insight as to why patients with neurological diseases deteriorate so rapidly when their movement becomes impaired.

Lack of Leg Exercise can damage your whole Body

People who are unable to do weight bearing exercise, like those who are bed ridden or even astronauts not only their body mass is diminished but also cellular chemistry and nervous system.

In the study it was demonstrated that restricted activity decreased neural stem cells by 70%.

Leg Muscles “Talk” to your Brain and /help you Cope with Stress

Weight bearing exercise sends signals to the brain which are vital to nerve cells. Cutting back on weight exercise makes it difficult for the body to produce new nerve cells. These nerve cells allow us to cope with stress and be able to adapt to change which is vital for our ability to cope with modern life.

It is not just the body ordering the leg muscles to move, but the leg muscles sending vital information back to the brain.

Exercise is Vital to your Energy

When exercise is restricted it lowers the amount of oxygen in the body and alters metabolism, hence weight gain with lack of exercise. However, it also damages DNA especially the mitochondria the little power packs in your cells, critical to our energy production.

Tai Chi Strengthens your Legs and Posture.

Following on from above, Tai Chi, although gentle, thoroughly exercises legs and your whole body. Quite often most of your weight is supported by just one leg, helping to strengthen the muscles but also increase control of your limbs and back. The exercise increases the amount of oxygen in your body due to the increase in respiration.

By strengthening your legs, it also reduces injuries in your upper body. It appears from recent literature that stronger legs can actually minimize problems in your shoulders and upper back.

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