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standard_calm_clear_and_connected.jpegFrom Cluttered Mind to Calm and Clear

As a professional London Tour Guide I spend a lot of time researching new tours. After hours of reading, searching, thinking about the visuals and logistics, my mind is cluttered with information which I try to sort into a coherent narrative I can weave through a proposed new tour. I have found it very useful to take breaks and do some Chi Kung and T'ai Chi. By spending time focusing my mind on my breathing and the feel of the movements, I find my cluttered mind becomes still. In particular the 5 Point Zhan Zhuang Master Hine has been teaching us is great for doing this as well as making me feel more energised. I have found when I return to my studies, my mind is not only calm but has greater clarity and I start making connections between information which will make a tour more interesting.


Making Connections

For example, I have been researching tours of the great civilizations in the British Museum and after one Chi Kung/T'ai Chi break I connected the differing geography of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and how this influenced their respective cultures - stable verses unstable world views.


How to Get Mentally Ready for a Presentation

Before giving a tour for the first time, such as a Clerkenwell tour I did a couple of weeks ago, I find my mind racing with information - will I remember everything I want to say, will the timings and logistics work etc.? By simply standing still, shoulder width, knees unlocked and focusing on my breathing I am able to calm those thoughts. I don't do the arm movements in public but sometimes I have imagined I am moving my arms and what that feels like! Again, the results are I am calm and better focused when I meet my clients.


In both examples it is a bit like rebooting and defragging a computer.


Thank you Gavin for your Practical Insights we can all use for better health and more success in our lives.


Gavin Webb is a member of the Croydon Advanced Class and an Award-Winning Guide.


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