Amazing Recovery after doing Tai Chi and Qigong from knee surgery


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Adam the Hine Tai Chi Croydon Advanced Class


Another in our continuing of Pearls of wisdom Series of articles by Hine Tai Chi Advanced Class Students- this week Adam


TAI CHI... There are many things that I have observed, learnt and felt

over the years doing TAI CHI. I think I will write about not what I

observed but what a reputable person observed about me.


What I did after I was Injured-Tai Chi and Qigong every day!

Last year I completely snapped my patella tendon and was told that there

would never be a completely recovery. As weeks progressed, I trained

doing seated Qigong and breathing exercises. With the help of Sifu (Master Hine) and

the surgeon I rapidly progressed to practising TAI CHI again... To a

certain extent.


Recovered so Quickly

On the third and final check up with the surgeon Mr Kinlly (knee

specialist) was surprised on how quickly I had recovered. "I have never

seen anyone recover so quickly and bend the knee beyond expected."

Worried not to over do things I demonstrated Tai Chi, Qigong, Xing yi

to the surgeon. He said these are perfect exercises for such an injury

and to keep doing it.


Now I walk without a limp and practising Tai Chi without problems.



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