Insomniacs face a greater risk of heart attacks and strokes


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standard_insomniacs_face_a_greater_risk_of_heart_attacks_and_strokes.jpegBut there is a good way to correct that-Tai Chi

Not getting enough sleep might kill you

An important study with 500,000 people aged 51 + discovered evidence that not getting enough sleep might kill you. – reported Connor Boyd in the Daily Mail.

In fact, the likelihood increased by 20% adding to a growing mountain of research linking insomnia to poor health.

A good night’s sleep allows the body to repair itself

A good night’s sleep allows the body to repair itself and the brain to reset after the day. People who struggle to sleep are more likely to have a heart attack and Stroke.

Tired and under the weather but also ratty

It is believed that Insomnia changes the way our bodies work. A poor night’s sleep will leave you not only tired and under the weather but also ratty too.

Sleep Benefits the immune System and Heart

It is also believed that it gives the immune system a well-earned rest from fighting disease and infections. It is also known that a good night’s sleep benefits your heart.

The people in this very large study had no history of heart disease.

They were asked whether they had any of the symptoms of insomnia at least 3 days every week. Including trouble falling asleep, being able to focus and stay awake.

During the following decade there were over 130,000 cases Stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

The people who suffered from 3 days a week of insomnia were 18% more likely to develop those conditions.


Focus on Better Sleep

The researchers believe that by focusing on the people who suffered from chronic insomnia and correcting them could reduce the number of cases of stroke, heart attack later on.


Several studies over the last 10 years have linked lack of sleep with increased risk of heart attacks.


At least 6 hours Sound Sleep each night

At the beginning of 2019 the Spanish National Centre Cardiovascular Research Madrid, decided that less than 6 hours of sleep amplified the danger of heart disease by up to 35%.


Physical activity Promote Sleep

It has been observed by researchers that physical activity and exercise promote the quality of sleep.

Research was conducted evaluating the effects of Tai Chi on healthy and unhealthy adults from several studies (a meta study)


Conclusions of the Study

11 studies with just under 1000 subjects performing Tai Chi for 1.5 to 3 hours each week over 6 to 24 weeks meaningfully improved sleep quality in healthy members and patients with chronic conditions. It improved physical performance, pain reduction, and mental well-being in the Tai Chi group


Conclusions by researchers- of the study that Tai Chi meaningfully improved the sleep quality in both healthy and unhealthy patients with chronic health conditions. Which suggests Tai Chi may be considered an alternative exercise in the treatment of insomnia.


Why does Tai Chi work so well?


Without doubt Tai Chi is one of the best programmes for help sound effect sleep. In our society where everyone is moving in continuous frenetic activity it is no wonder people are experiencing poor sleep quality.


We Need Sound Sleep of at least 6 hours every night.

In order for our bodies to repair themselves and slow the aging process. Lack of sleep causes stress which is implicated in 90% of all conditions. So regular sound sleep will lower stress and diminish the causes of chronic ill health in significant numbers of the population. Apart from that sleep makes you feel good and perform at your peak at work and play.


So what are you waiting for join our classes in Bromley, Croydon and Morden now and get a good night’s sleep.

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