Have you Forgotten why you came Here?

standard_have_you_forgotten_why_you_came_here.jpegRob was enthusiastic when he arrived at our class. He explained that stress was getting to him and that his energy was low. Wanting to end that problem as fast as possible and launched himself into Tai Chi and Qigong. At every class there was his happy face beaming back at us. Rob was now relaxed and calm, his energy had returned and his life was good.

Several months passed and he was a mainstay of the class, then one day we noticed a change. He was missing from class, which was ok, it happens, we all have responsibilities that that sometimes interfere with normal life. But when it started to become more regular absence, we started to wonder why the change. We had also noticed that he was starting to look stressed again and a frown never seen before was permanently on his face in class. He also had stopped talking to his classmates, there was now no longer the banter we had become used to.

I struck up a conversation when it seemed the time was right to broach the subject. I asked are you ok you seem a little distracted and under the weather? He shuffled a bit and explained he had a lot to do and it was getting hard to arrive on time if at all. I asked are you practising, you seemed to forget form a couple of times? He admitted he had not been doing Tai Chi at home like he used to, there never seemed to be time he lamented. “what you can’t afford even 20 minutes a day” I replied.

I asked Rob “do you remember why you came to Tai Chi in the first place”? He looked up sheepishly and said “to relieve stress and regain some energy” and did you I asked?

Yes, it was good, I felt calm and relaxed”.

So why don’t you do it again, you have done the hard work already by learning the Tai Chi Qigong” Why not take 20 minutes out for a bit of personal time, to look after yourself. You are not going to be good for anything if you don’t look after yourself too”.

He nodded and grinned “yeah ok point taken”.

So many of us are like Rob, getting caught up in responsibilities forgetting about your own wellbeing. Remember why Tai Chi and Qigong is so good for you;

Stress relieved.

Energy restored.

Sleep improved.

Immune System boosted.

Focus regained,

And generally feeling good all around.

Don’t believe me look at the research from all around the world https://www.taichi-europe.com/health-benefits-tai-chi.

So, have you forgotten to look after yourself and your won well-being? You can’t look after anyone you are ill and stressed.

Why not come and join us and see how good Tai chi and be for you https://www.taichi-europe.com/Classes

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