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standard_no_energy-_want_more.jpeg7 Ways to Feel More Energised

Want to go out for the evening but just don’t have the energy?

You know you should go to the gym to get back in condition but your get up and go, got up and went?

It is one of the commonest complaints, lack of energy and everything that goes with it. That is;

  • Being overweight.

  • Lack of enthusiasm for your career.

  • Not enjoying life.

  • Can’t play with the kids because your word out.

The list is almost endless but they all have a common cause – lack of energy.

Is this a new thing?

Well, basically yes, it is

Every Day a Physical Workout.

In our parent’s and grandparent’s day there was a reason for feeling tired at the end of the day, life was physical hard work. There was no supermarket nearby where you could buy everything you want, jump in the car and drive home. Even into the 50’s and 60’s you had to go from shop to shop to pick up your food, which was not frozen but in tins and weighed a ton. I remember my poor old mum shopping in the nearby town a 20-minute bus ride away. Going from shop to shop and staggering home with enormous bags of shopping full of tins. Walking 10 minutes from the bus stop and then up 3 floors because there was no lift. My mum had probably expended more energy than a full throttle workout out at the gym!!

But that was a normal day’s activity mixed in with your mostly manual job which was hard work in itself.

Lack of Energy, the Causes.

  • 1 Strangely enough, lack of exercise.

The latest research suggests that HIT High Intensity Exercise will not only give you more energy, but help lose weight, make you younger and keep you super fit, with just 20 minutes exercise. But there is a price, its really hard work, with several bursts of maximum effort for 40 seconds at a time. It is not something that you should attempt on your own, at least at the beginning. Probably a couple of sessions with an expert will be worth the extra cost to save from injuring yourself.

  • 2 Diet Heavy in carbs.

The problem with carbs is they cause a spike in insulin in order to digest them. The problem then is the “insulin crash afterwards. That is clearly visible in what is known as “business man’s slump”. Don’t let the name put you off it happens to women too. That is when someone has a carb heavy lunch and by mid afternoon they feel like a snooze through lack of energy.

  • 3 Poor Diet.

A diet depleted of nutrients will result in lack of energy. Whether you choose a diet with meat or without it must contain a wide variety of different types of foods in order to maintain a healthy diet. Vitamin B spectrum is essential to releasing energy from your food. If you choose to take a vitamin supplement make sure it is either from real foods or is “food state” which the body will absorb. Synthetic vitamins are not absorbed well and will probably be peed out the next time you go to the loo.

  • 4 Poor Breathing.

Most people do not breathe well, it is usually shallow and too fast. Simply doing deep breaths for a couple of minutes simply results in hyperventilation and feeling dizzy.

5 Tai Chi & Qigong is the answer. We will teach you how to breath correctly in Qigong, making the breath long and smooth rather than deep. There is a mechanism that

If you consciously focus simply on the act of breathing naturally slows the breath. No forced deep breathing.

In traditional Chinese Medicine food and breathing are the foundations of energy. It follows that a good quality varied diet with a regime of Tai chi and Qigong will result in more energy.

  • 6 Stress Relief from Tai Chi

Tai Chi is one of the best ways of learning to control stress. You cannot get rid of stress but you can stop it from turning into Di stress. The stress is not the problem it is your reaction to it. Tai Chi is sometimes called “Moving Mindfulness” as it allows you to take control of any racing thoughts and bring them under control resulting in calm control of your day.

  • 7 Sleep Better with Tai Chi

There is a lot of research which has found that Tai Chi can give you a more fulfilling sleep. Sleep allows your body to repair any damage and replenishes your energy. It also helps reduce the desire for sweet sugary foods which can cause weight gain.


So, if you want to have more calm energy why not come and join us at one of our Tai Chi & Qigong Classes near you?

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