Eat a big breakfast a small dinner and burn DOUBLE the amount of calories


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standard_eat_a_big_breakfast_and_a_small_dinner_and_burn_double_the_amount_of_calories.jpegResearchers in Germany appear to have rediscovered and old English observation;

“Eat Like a King at Breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner”.

The Daily Mail reports that “Eating a big breakfast instead of a large dinner could help you burn DOUBLE the number of calories 'because it boosts the metabolism more”

Whereas eating a low-calorie breakfast increases your appetite and a craving for sweet things. We have covered this subject in our blog posts before when you have poor sleep on a regular basis.

Eating a higher protein breakfast (like an English fry up) will keep sugar levels stable.

Meals like this at breakfast boosts metabolism in what is known as diet-induced thermogenesis. (DIT).

Researchers found that DIT was twice as high in the big breakfast group than the low-calorie eaters.

In the research, two groups of men one eating a ow calorie breakfast and the other the large meal/ Each day they swapped to the opposite meal. It was found in both groups that the large meal eaters DIT was 2.5 times higher.

DIT is the body’s way of facilitating digestion when eating. Different foods burn up different levels of heat during digestion.

It has been known for a long time that we burn more calories during morning than we do in the evening. It would seem sensible to have a larger meal in the morning than the evening based on these findings.

The new findings add to the idea that if you want to lose weight a role reversal in your meals might seem to be in order.

One of the researchers observed that such a change could prevent obesity and high blood sugar. Obesity and high blood sugar can lead to a whole myriad of debilitating illnesses including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

This supports what US and Czech nutritionists observed in a 7-year study that eating the largest meal in the morning was one of the most effective approaches for avoiding long-term weight gain.

We are not advocating for daily fry ups but a rethink in what constitutes a healthy meal and more conscious choices other than the over hyped cereal must have.

Obviously before embarking on a major dietary change see your health professional to check if it is advisable for you.

Tai Chi can Help you lose Weight.

Yes I know it might seem strange that a gentle exercise art can help you to lose weight please see a previous blog post

It is a common belief that you lose weight by exercising, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 95% of weight loss comes from the diet we eat not exercise. Exercise does help in that it increases metabolism so supports your diet change. Two components of being overweight is stress eating and poor sleep both pile on the pounds. Tai Chi research has demonstrated Tai Chi is both good for diminishing Stress and Improving Sleep.

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