Strengthen Immunity and Stay Calm

If you have been reading my blogs for any length of time you will know I constantly go on about;

1 Strengthening the immune system

2 Developing a Calm mind

By working on those two things you will have the side effect of looking and feeling younger than you really are. Which is a nice side effect to have isn’t it?

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We might have appeared very quiet recently since we began lock down and our schools had to close for a while during the virus.  It is just that we have been so busy trying to get as many classes online as we could.  It has not been easy trying to move so many groups online, with so many technical challenges.

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How do you handle a crisis like Corona Virus?

standard_how_do_you_handle_a_crisis_like_corona.jpegIn the midst the storm

Expect the best and prepare for the worst.

It really stood out last night when looking at our Tai Chi class how calm and controlled they all were. It was business as usual. They are still doing everything the medical officer of health was suggesting, just not panicking in the process. Stress triggers the Amygdala in the brain which leads to panic and bad decisions being made, like trying to corner the toilet roll market!!

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Eat a big breakfast a small dinner and burn DOUBLE the amount of calories

standard_eat_a_big_breakfast_and_a_small_dinner_and_burn_double_the_amount_of_calories.jpegResearchers in Germany appear to have rediscovered and old English observation;

“Eat Like a King at Breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner”.

The Daily Mail reports that “Eating a big breakfast instead of a large dinner could help you burn DOUBLE the number of calories 'because it boosts the metabolism more”

Whereas eating a low-calorie breakfast increases your appetite and a craving for sweet things. We have covered this subject in our blog posts before when you have poor sleep on a regular basis.

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