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Want to Improve Heart Health Eat Pecans and do Tai Chi

standard_want_to_improve_heart_health_eat_pecans_and_do_tai_chi.jpegMost information about keeping healthy usually involves doing something you don’t want to do or cut out cutting out something you enjoy. But not today, oh no, we are talking about eating something that will make your toes tingle and do a fun exercise that’s good for you.

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How to Keep yourself Well-balanced in 21st Century.

standard_how_to_keep_yourself_sane.jpegMeditate and do Tai Chi

We are told in the media that everyone wants to meditate. Everyone’s doing it apparently. It is the trend of the moment. The world keeps spinning faster driven by social media and tech. You can get caught up in the latest trends and find yourself going down paths best avoided. There are constant programmes on TV about the ills of social media and trying to fit into the madness.

Looking for Answers

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4 Ways to Avoid Colds and Flu this winter

standard_4_ways_to_avoid_colds_and_flu_this_winter.jpegIt hits every year and they have promised a cure forever, but it has never appeared. You know what I am talking about -colds and flu. So, what is the answer if science can’t sort it out? But first of all, a question, did you know that there were probably no epidemics before we had large towns? It is simply the near proximity of a lot of other people that cause epidemics like colds and flu. I know that it is the nature of modern life and over population, that lots of people are packed together, so what’s the answer if it is a fact of life?

To a certain extent it is in our hands, literally!

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Have you Forgotten why you came Here?

standard_have_you_forgotten_why_you_came_here.jpegRob was enthusiastic when he arrived at our class. He explained that stress was getting to him and that his energy was low. Wanting to end that problem as fast as possible and launched himself into Tai Chi and Qigong. At every class there was his happy face beaming back at us. Rob was now relaxed and calm, his energy had returned and his life was good.

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