No Energy- Want More?

standard_no_energy-_want_more.jpeg7 Ways to Feel More Energised

Want to go out for the evening but just don’t have the energy?

You know you should go to the gym to get back in condition but your get up and go, got up and went?

It is one of the commonest complaints, lack of energy and everything that goes with it. That is;

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Is Coffee Good for You?

standard_is_coffee_good_for_you.jpegCan the worlds favourite drink live happily with Tai Chi

Everywhere you look people are walking around with cups of coffee. On every street corner seems to be a coffee shop springing up. It might seem like the latest fad but coffee shops have been around in London for a long time. Remember that Lloyds of London Insurance Underwriters started in a coffee shop in 1760 so we have been addicted to the stuff for a long time.

But is coffee good for you? It would seem in moderation yes.

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Want to Improve Heart Health Eat Pecans and do Tai Chi

standard_want_to_improve_heart_health_eat_pecans_and_do_tai_chi.jpegMost information about keeping healthy usually involves doing something you don’t want to do or cut out cutting out something you enjoy. But not today, oh no, we are talking about eating something that will make your toes tingle and do a fun exercise that’s good for you.

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How to Keep yourself Well-balanced in 21st Century.

standard_how_to_keep_yourself_sane.jpegMeditate and do Tai Chi

We are told in the media that everyone wants to meditate. Everyone’s doing it apparently. It is the trend of the moment. The world keeps spinning faster driven by social media and tech. You can get caught up in the latest trends and find yourself going down paths best avoided. There are constant programmes on TV about the ills of social media and trying to fit into the madness.

Looking for Answers

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