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First Motion Sensor App for Tai Chi

Taichi Temple, the First Motion Sensor App for Tai Chi, Launches Today

Until now, Tai Chi apps have not been that good, leaving some to wonder if it’s even worth buying one. Some don’t believe that Tai Chi can be taught properly via an app. Well, the same was said about videos and DVDs once upon a time. There are good and bad with DVDs and videos and, I strongly suspect, the same will be true for the Apps for a while.



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Why you might need Tai Chi and running to de-stress

Q&A: Why you might need Tai Chi and yoga as well as running to de-stress

A good article on why the balance between mind and body, fast and slow, hard and soft is important and works so well to improve your overall health. This also explains why the health Form of Tai Chi (the slow, gentle, health part) used to be taught along side the fighting side, the Chuan, the explosive, fast, powerful part of the martial art.


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You can't park your Tai Chi there Sir!

stop thinkingNow this is cute! They may not be our favourite people, but they have a job to do to keep our roads clear and the traffic moving. Proof that they do have a sense of humour and that we all need to wind down occasionally, just go with the flow and follow your instincts and your heart :0)

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