An Intervention Study for Preventing Falls

Falls have a major impact on the overall health of seniors, and physical activity can help lower the risk of falls. In a case-control study of individuals older than 65 years of age, subjects who practiced vigorous physical activity and had no limitations to their activities of daily living (ADL) had an adjusted odds ratio of 0.6 for fall compared with that for sedentary adults. However, active adults with a limitation in ADL actually experienced an increased risk of fall compared with inactive seniors (adjusted odds ratio = 3.2). Meanwhile, mild physical activity alone had little impact on the risk of falls.

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How to Exercise as You Grow Older

When was the first time you asked yourself, “Am I getting old?” Was it that time you felt your heart beating faster as you climbed the stairs? Or the time your legs began to shake just carrying the grocery bags from the car? Or when your joints and muscles felt stiff when you woke up one morning?

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