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Proven benefits to Master

It’s great to see the benefits of Tai Chi being ‘proven’ in a medical way. Ironic really, when you consider that you have to just have faith in your master, to follow, to copy, to trust, to give up your ego and do as your Master instructs so that you can gain the most of out of our Tai Chi practise and yourself.


At least now you can begin your Tai Chi journey, knowing that it does work – how well is now just down to you


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Amazing Tai Chi Adventure

I have just come across this piece about a film maker and her Tai Chi Master, who crossed the Pacific in a Junk, and another group of fishermen who crossed from Taiwan to San Francisco in 1955.  It made me wonder, how much courage, strength and determination does our Tai Chi practise give us? Does Tai Chi attract those who already have these traits, but just strengthens and magnifies them?


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Tai Chi improves cognitive function in older adults

Reuters:  A recent study has found a link between long-term tai chi (TC) mind-body exercise practice and preserved cognitive function in healthy adults. This is an important finding as cognitive decline among older adults is a significant and growing public health concern.

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