Tai Chi For Elders: Improving Balance And Reducing The Risk Of Falls

Thirty-percent of ambulatory seniors over the age of 65 living in a community fall every year. Another 50% of the same age group living in long-term care facilities suffer from at least one fall annually. One in 10 of these falls in turn results in a fracture.1 Falls represent the leading cause of death for people over 65 and the number of fall-related deaths continues to increase with every passing year.

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Tai Chi may benefit diabetes patients

Aloe vera, green tea popular herbal amon…Gene linked to baldness ‘discovered’Sugar ‘makes you sweeter’ The ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi may help people suffering from type 2 diabetes improve their physical and mental well being, Australian researchers said.


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Tai Chi Exercises Suitable for Arthritis

One of the best approaches in controlling arthritis is exercise. Next to it is proper diet and so on.

Almost all medical experts’ opinions are focused on the natural way of preventing arthritis which is through practicing Tai Chi.


Furthermore, they concluded that Tai Chi exercises that are suitable for arthritis are those that are concerned with improving muscular strength, fitness and flexibility. It is indeed one of the most effective programs ever to hit the medical scene.

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