How long does the flu last?

And how Tai Chi and Qigong can help prevent it.

Was one of the Most Asked Questions on Google and with good reason 2017-18 flu season was the worst in almost 10 years. It encouraged many people concerned about the illness to take to the web for answers.

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Fighting Work Place Stress with Tai Chi

The obvious objective of practicing martial arts is to prepare to face a potentially dangerous situation that may involve physical aggression. In such a situation, we can find three types of reactions, Escape, Submission or Aggression. The development of the skill and capacity of the practitioner will allow him/her to choose the answer right for that situation.

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The Tai Chi Way of Life

Tai Chi is literally a way of life, influencing not only the way we exercise, but also the way we think and behave. It allows the body to relax, especially for those who react badly to stress and time to rejuvenate. Many pains and diseases can be cured or at least relieved by Tai Chi practice, such as back pain, neck movement problems, and the general tension

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