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Insomniacs face a greater risk of heart attacks and strokes

standard_insomniacs_face_a_greater_risk_of_heart_attacks_and_strokes.jpegBut there is a good way to correct that-Tai Chi

Not getting enough sleep might kill you

An important study with 500,000 people aged 51 + discovered evidence that not getting enough sleep might kill you. – reported Connor Boyd in the Daily Mail.

In fact, the likelihood increased by 20% adding to a growing mountain of research linking insomnia to poor health.

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Protect Yourself from 47% of All Illnesses

standard_protect_yourself_from_47_of_all_illnesses.jpeg12 Good Reasons for Increasing Magnesium Foods in Your Diet

A Quarter of a Million Nurses Can’t be Wrong

That is not me saying that, but the US Nurses Study.

For the last 40+ years a quarter of a million nurses have filled in this survey of a daily basis giving an insight into just what really works in our diet.

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Amazing Recovery after doing Tai Chi and Qigong from knee surgery

Another in our continuing of Pearls of wisdom Series of articles by Hine Tai Chi Advanced Class Students- this week Adam

TAI CHI... There are many things that I have observed, learnt and felt

over the years doing TAI CHI. I think I will write about not what I

observed but what a reputable person observed about me.

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