Amazing Recovery after doing Tai Chi and Qigong from knee surgery

Another in our continuing of Pearls of wisdom Series of articles by Hine Tai Chi Advanced Class Students- this week Adam

TAI CHI... There are many things that I have observed, learnt and felt

over the years doing TAI CHI. I think I will write about not what I

observed but what a reputable person observed about me.

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Calm, Clear and Connected With Tai Chi & Qigong

standard_calm_clear_and_connected.jpegAs a professional London Tour Guide I spend a lot of time researching new tours. After hours of reading, searching, thinking about the visuals and logistics, my mind is cluttered with information which I try to sort into a coherent narrative I can weave through a proposed new tour. I have found it very useful to take breaks and do some Chi Kung and T'ai Chi.

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Can breathing make you healthier?


For millennia the breath has been the foundation of not only good health but a calm mind too in Asia. It is only in recent times that Western medicine has begun to take interest in the mind body connection. It is being called “Energy Medicine” which is not a bad description of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi and Qigong.


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