About Master Hine

John Hine

John Hine is a veteran Tai Chi teacher who has been training for most of his life in Tai Chi and the martial arts He runs one of the longest established and successful chains of Tai Chi classes in the UK. A founder member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain (TCUGB) and an Honorary President and Advanced Instructor, he has served on the TCUGB technical committee. Sifu John Hine spent much of his life studying under Buddhist and Taoist teachers. Prior to his Tai Chi training he became a teacher in several martial arts, including karate, Tae Kwon Do and Shaolin Kung Fu. He also became a teacher of Xsingyi and Bagua, sister arts to Tai Chi. John trained two Gold medallists and one Silver medallist at the International Open Competition. Whilst he was training in the martial arts he also succeed in becoming qualified in Chinese medicine and nutrition.

Later John also qualified as a therapist and Coach who, through his one to one consultations and seminars, has helped thousands of people to achieve happy and successful lives. John’s book Yang Tai Chi Chuan has sold over 27,000 copies in English around the world and is published in Spanish. John has written, and been quoted in, health and coaching articles for many national magazines and newspapers including Natural Health, The Daily Express, Health & Fitness, Woman & Home, Psychologies and many more. His psychological based articles on performance at work have appeared in European CEO Magazine, Winning Edge, Business Now, Venture, Women in Banking Finance, and Start Your Business to name but a few.

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