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The Old Style is an extremely advanced version of the Tai Chi Form.  You will need a strong grasp in performing the basic Yang Cheng Fu form before you attempt to learn this style.  The Yang Cheng Fu Form is what most people call the Yang Style today.

The Yang Cheng Fu Form of Tai Chi was developed by my Great Grand Master Yang Cheng Fu in 1928.  Everything before that date could be described as “Old Style” Yang Tai Chi.

The Old Style
The Old-style differs from all the other Yang Tai Chi forms as it contains many explosive strikes, flying kicks, and quick movements in addition to the soft flowing actions of the Yang Cheng Fu form.  It is considerably longer (about 30 minutes or so).  It is extremely sophisticated and mesmerises anyone who sees it.  
In addition to the classic Tai Chi movements, you will also see many elements of Hsing I and Bagua in the form as well as some Chen style Tai Chi.  There is a very good reason that this might be the case as the founder (Sijo) of Yang Tai Chi was Yang Lu Chan. Yang Lu Chan was good friends of legends Kuo Yun Shen of Hsing I and Tung Hai Chan of Bagua.  It is known that they use to train together and like all friends in the martial arts teach techniques to each other.  This was obviously a fertile training ground for the 3 friends.  
TRAINING IN THE OLD STYLE – at the moment Master Hine only teaches a closed advanced group of his advanced students.  However, we are possibly going to run some workshops for the Old style.  If you would like to be considered please use the contact form and let us know of your interest and be added to the waitlist.

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