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4 Reasons to Learn Tai Chi Online

To Prevent Illness and Stay Calm

The media love to focus on the mayhem of the Corona Virus. Quoting “experts” , showing charts and dwelling on the negative. But there is something we can all do to stay as safe as possible and keep sane at the same time and that is to do Tai Chi and Qigong..

Don’t get me wrong the Corona Virus is a real problem especially if you have chronic illness already. But we are not victims waiting for science to come to our rescue, we have choices and options. We are powerful beings with the will to fight back against this illness.

1.Calm the Mind and Keep Positive

There are so many research papers written by universities all around the world on the ability of Tai Chi and Qifong to defend against ill health and keep calm and composed. Tai Chi has been dubbed meditation in motion for its ability to calm and focus the mind. Being positive in this time of negativity s a great asset not only to your mind but also your immune system.

2. Stress Makes you Ill

It is reckoned that 90% of all illness has stress associated with it. When you are stressed your immune system is depressed and unable defend you the same. Infections that it would normally defeat without you even knowing about it can get through. So it is vitally important that we can minimize stress to keep our immune system operating at peak defence.

Tai Chi and Qigong quieten your thoughts and stress starts to recede day by day with regular correct practice. With your now quiet mind your immune system starts to defend you the way it was intended.

3 Don’t Listen to the News practice Tai Chi or go for a walk.

Bad news sells, they say so they give us a daily diet of it. After 6 months of it I think we can all agree it is wearing a bit thin. Much better to go out for a walk or do some Tai Chi. Both of these past times not only give you great exercise but also keep you positive.

4 Practice Mindfulness it Keeps you in Control.,

Research tells us that we think 50 to 60,000 thoughts a day and 90% are negative and we thought them the day before. I know it is shocking just how negative us humans can be but there is an antidote – Mindfulness. It has become trendy to do in the last 10 years but some of us have been doing it a lot longer. You don’t need an app to keep you on track just have to be aware.

Simply take out a few minutes to watch your thoughts. Don’t try to think good thoughts just watch what comes up without judging them. In the beginning you will find a lot of stuff comes to mind along with boredom and frustration. The mind does not like being controlled, why would it we have let it run trot for most of our lives. Slowly but surely with a bit of practice each day the endless thoughts start to subside and periods of total calm take over. Now you are in the driving seat what are you going to do with all of this calm and focus?

Come and learn Tai Chi online in the comfort of your own home. There is currently a 14 day Trial at the moment go here.

The course is professionally shot, taught by me, from multiple angles and you have access 24 hours a day to learn when you sign up. Currently this is our only basic school operating due to the Corona Virus. Our Advanced Classes are currently running on Zoom as normal.

Tai-Chi is both a physical and a spiritual practice, and also a technique of meditation. It is an art of combat, but more importantly a way of life that helps you stay healthy. It is also known as "meditation in motion" and has a lot of practitioners because many of them have found in this meditation great health benefits, both mental and physical.

Tai Chi Brings Vital Energy

This martial art is very similar to philosophy Taoism. That's why we talk about energy "Qi" or "

Chi." Tai Chi movements activate this flow of energy and eliminate blockages. By increasing your bodies energy and flow results in a feeling of greater well being. Circulation is increased, breathing deepens helping oxygenate the blood

One research study in Hong Kong stated that Tai Chi makes you feel better overall in its summing up.

A Technique of Mental Relaxation

Tai Chi is a great relaxation technique. The different postures are designed to relax muscle tension. Naturally slowing the breathing induces states of serenity.

Strengthens Arms and Legs

Almost all postures of Tai Chi practice standing. The arms perform movements that can be simple or complex. The Tai Chi “Form” gently exercises the joints and encourages circulation to the extremities assisting the healing process. As your legs in Tai Chi bear your weight while moving through the form the muscles are exercised gently and thoroughly.

Improved Cardiovascular and Respiratory System

It has been established that the heart rate decreases when you are practicing Tai Chi, but that the circulation increases. Thus, deep breathing methods increase breathing capacity. These two elements reinforce the body as a whole.

Helps Deal with Insomnia

The focus on the stability of both mind and body in Tai Chi makes it a great practice for those with sleeping problems. Tai Chi allows anxiety to naturally subside, the thinking to slow and stress dissolve.

Join Hine Tai Chi today and learn this fascinating, life affirming exercise art today in a friendly class near you.

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