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5 Reasons to Practice Tai Chi

Tai-Chi is both a physical and a spiritual practice, and also a technique of meditation. It is an art of combat, but more importantly a way of life that helps you stay healthy. It is also known as "meditation in motion" and has a lot of practitioners because many of them have found in this meditation great health benefits, both mental and physical.

Tai Chi Brings Vital Energy

This martial art is very similar to philosophy Taoism. That's why we talk about energy "Qi" or "Chi." Tai Chi movements activate this flow of energy and eliminate blockages. By increasing your bodies energy and flow results in a feeling of greater well being. Circulation is increased, breathing deepens helping oxygenate the blood

One research study in Hong Kong stated that Tai Chi makes you feel better overall in its summing up.

A Technique of Mental Relaxation

Tai Chi is a great relaxation technique. The different postures are designed to relax muscle tension. Naturally slowing the breathing induces states of serenity.

Strengthens Arms and Legs

Almost all postures of Tai Chi practice standing. The arms perform movements that can be simple or complex. The Tai Chi “Form” gently exercises the joints and encourages circulation to the extremities assisting the healing process. As your legs in Tai Chi bear your weight while moving through the form the muscles are exercised gently and thoroughly.

Improved Cardiovascular and Respiratory System

It has been established that the heart rate decreases when you are practicing Tai Chi, but that the circulation increases. Thus, deep breathing methods increase breathing capacity. These two elements reinforce the body as a whole.

Helps Deal with Insomnia

The focus on the stability of both mind and body in Tai Chi makes it a great practice for those with sleeping problems. Tai Chi allows anxiety to naturally subside, the thinking to slow and stress dissolve.

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