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5 Ways to Lose Weight with Minimum Diet or exercise Part 1

Do you know what are the best-selling books every year?


Weight Loss, in fact many of the top 10 places are taken up by Weight loss programmes.

Most Diets Work-in theory

The problem with diets is that they are usually regimented and most people find them difficult to stick to over a period of time. In fact, most of the 4 major diets do work, so long as you stick to the rules, according to research. It is there that you find the problem, they are difficult to stick with because people cheat. It is understandable why people cut corners because they have busy lives, filled with stress and can’t often follow to a strict regime.

It can be Hard to Exercise

You have been at work the whole day, fought your way through the commute, rushed a quick meal -do you fancy hitting the gym?

For many the answer is no and trying to lose weight without dieting or exercise is impossible.

So, can you lose weight without Dieting or exercise?

Er, yes and no.

It depends what you call dieting or exercise.

Below you will find proven ways that you can lose weight with the least possible effort.

1 Protein Curbs Hunger

As we all know protein is an essential part of a healthful diet and is essential to our health, for building the cells of your body. Protein can also satiate hunger and keep you feeling fuller longer.

A higher protein meal for breakfast can diminish cravings to snack in between meals, hence losing weight. How can you get this higher protein breakfast? You could eat the occasional full English, without the toast (it has loads of carbs) or you could add protein to breakfast cereals, with Chia seeds or pea protein and the like.

2 Add Eggs to your Breakfast

Eggs are loaded with protein and recent research found that your body absorbs 51% of the protein in eggs. In fact, eggs came out miles in front of all the rest of protein foods for absorption.

3 Chew More Slowly to Stop Overeating

I know sounds weird doesn’t it, but it is true. It takes the stomach 20 minutes to tell your brain that you are full. As an observation most eat far quicker than that at mealtime, which means we probably eat far too much, or at least more than we really need.

Here is a simple technique to slow down your eating at mealtimes.

Take smaller mouthfuls of food, chew 30 times until the food is liquid, then swallow. This really does slow your meals down and take each meal beyond the 20-minute warning signal to your brain, meaning you will eat less.

4 Don’t Watch TV while you Eat

Yep I know another weird one, but true. The only reason we overeat is that we are cot conscious about what we are doing. TV is on and we are absorbed by the programme and are completely unaware of the food, it is just being piled in unconsciously. We all do it, occasionally or all of the time. Try eating an focusing on the food. Chewing 30 times, slow it down and if you have company at the table, chat to them. I know novel.

And turn off your Mobile Phone!!!!

The world will still keep turning, you are not missing out. In 30 minutes, you can stare at your mobile as long as you like, but you will have taken an important step forward in improving your health and helping to lower any excess weight.

5 Do Tai Chi and Qigong with Us!

Yes, I know, blatant plug, but it is true. One of the main reasons for putting on weight is,

Stress Eating – People eat when they are stressed so if you can cut down stress it will help to lose weight.

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