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How do you handle a crisis like Corona Virus?

In the midst the storm

Expect the best and prepare for the worst.

It really stood out last night when looking at our Tai Chi class how calm and controlled they all were. It was business as usual. They are still doing everything the medical officer of health was suggesting, just not panicking in the process. Stress triggers the Amygdala in the brain which leads to panic and bad decisions being made, like trying to corner the toilet roll market!!

Tai Chi Quietens the Flight or Fight Response

Tai Chi when done correctly quietens the Amygdala, stills the flight or fight response and allows clear thinking. Yes, there is a real problem with the Corona virus, but keep screaming “crisis “doesn’t solve anything only thoughtful action does.

Have a plan then you won’t have to panic

Front Load the work. If you have a logical plan of action you tend not to get caught off guard. Prepare for the best — and worst

So, what do you do?

Panic is bad and overreaction is good. What I mean by overreaction do enough to ensure you, your family and the communities wellbeing. Buying 50 packs of toilet rolls, 100 sanitisers and going back every day to buy more is madness. The shops supply chains can cope with even a huge increase of consumption, but not panic buying. Panic buying leaves empty shelves for no reason and causes everyone else to panic - then it is a downward spiral.

Dog Eat Dog Doesn’t Work.

How many times have you heard “I look after me and mine, I couldn’t care about anyone else”? But it doesn’t work, if life really is, Dog Eat Dog there are always bigger dogs than you and me!! No one will help you if they know you won’t help them. Don’t compete, cooperate.

Build your Immune System

It is obviously a good idea to regularly wash your hands, but it is also a good idea to guild up your immune system to fight disease.

Do Tai Chi & Qigong Everyday

Tai Chi & Qigong Help Build Immunity.

Research in China has demonstrated that Tai Chi can increase T-Killer Cells activity. The T-Killer Cells are our bodies Special Forces that hunt down invading pathogens and destroy them.

Take Vitamin D3 or get a Little Sun

40% of people are deficient in Vitamin D, because they spend too much time indoors. I tend to follow US veteran Dr Alan Spreen’s advice. Get a little sun first thing in the morning before your skin goes red (20 mins or less). Even such a short time can generate 20,000 iu’s of vitamin D.

Vitamin D3 is what the body generates when exposed to the sun. You can also get this vitamin in health food stores if you don’t want to take some sun, the choice is yours. Vitamin D3 supports a healthy immunity. You can get it in Salmon.

Salmon is a popular fish and great source of vitamin D. ...

Herring and sardines are abundant in vitamin D

Cod liver oil. Lots of people take this and also get a shot of Omega 3.

Canned tuna. ...

Egg yolks and they are packed with a lot of other vits including Vitamin E

Eat a Varied Diet with Plenty of Vegetables.

Preferably cook everything fresh rather than from the store then you know what you are getting. There are plenty of cook books with quick nutritious meals in less than half and hour. Get enough protein but not too much. We tend to eat too much protein and our body can’t process it so get rid of it, if you know what I mean!! But we also need enough as protein gives us the building blocks to rebuild our body on a daily basis.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep rebuilds and repairs your body while you slumber. It also resets your brain to balance for the day ahead, try to get 8 hours.

Have a Break from your Phone for a Bit

Your brain needs to resync itself occasionally. Constantly reading social media will turn your brain to jelly, or at least render it impossible to tell true from false.


Last but not least do Tai Chi & Qigong it works when you do it every day correctly. Why not come to one of our super friendly classes, you know you want to

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