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How Often Should I Practice Qigong?

What is qigong (Chi Kung)?

Qigong (also Chi Kung) means ('life energy cultivation') is a holistic system of coordinating Mind, Posture and Breathing and meditation.

I suppose its nearest equivalent would be some forms of yoga. It has been practised it its multitude of forms for millennia. Qigong is constantly changing over time hence the several thousand versions practised all over the world.

Qigong is practised for cultivating good health, for martial arts and spiritual Development.

There are as many reasons for practising it as their different routines. Most focus on building good health, some are practised solely by martial arts and others for developing various spiritual abilities especially Buddhist and Taoist followers.

Benefits of Qigong

1 Internal Organs Function Better.

2 Allows the muscles and Joins to work better.

3 Heals Injuries Quicker.

4 Circulation Works More Effectively.

5 No Age Barrier

6 Stress Relief.

7 Improved Sleep to name but a few

That little lot covers just about everything needed to build robust good health.

8 Relaxation.

How Often Should I Practice Qigong?

Like any form of exercise, it is better to practise every day;

“One Day of Practise One Day of Progress”

Each day’s practise builds on the day before, it is cumulative activity for the best results a daily practise of 20 minutes would suffice as a minimum. Eventually Qigong becomes as normal as washing your face and cleaning your teeth.

Many times, we hear people commenting that if they miss a session out, they feel as if something is missing from their day. That is the effect of daily practise, gaining energy which you notice is missing when left out.

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