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INSOMNIA THE SCOURGE OF 21st, CENTURYWhy Tai Chi & Qigong can help

Insomnia is a growing problem in our frenzied, digital world. It not only leads to stress and anxiety, but also a myriad of other chronic conditions. For example;


Sleep-deprived people are more likely to appear socially unattractive to others --- The Independent.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, sleep-deprived individuals are more likely to feel lonelier and less inclined to interact with others than their peers who get a good night’s sleep.

The findings in the journal Nature demonstrated that people who have not slept enough are less socially attractive to others. This could be exacerbating feelings of social isolation so common in our society.

Are you Pushing Away People through Lack of Sleep?

In one experiment they examined the brain scans of 18 healthy young adults are sleepless and well rested nights. When watching videos of people of strangers walking towards them who appeared to be getting too close pushed a button to stop the video.

The researchers found that when the people were sleep deprived, they exhibited social repulsion in their brains and behaved as if their space had been invaded. The closeness in the video created the feeling of a threatening situation.

Th research also found that the people who were sleep deprived the part of the brain which encourages social interaction was stunted.

Lack of Sleep Makes People Look Less Socially Desirable

In another part of the study, more than 1,000 people were enlisted to watch clips of the members talking together about commonplace activities. They were asked to rate how lonely the participants appeared, without knowing that they were sleep deprived.

The sleep deprived were ranked as less socially desirable by the observers.

Are you Unconsciously Repelling People through Lack of Sleep?

In our society today, it is extremely important to not only get along with other people but also be more socially attractive. In both your career and your personal life, the ability to happily interact with others is of high importance. In our careers people seen as team players are viewed more favourably and more likely to get promoted than people who are not.

Research with Tai Chi & Qigong has demonstrated their effectiveness in promoting sound sleep

Research with Tai Chi & Qigong has demonstrated their effectiveness in promoting sound sleep and the attendant benefits to your health and wellbeing. The research above at the University of California, Berkeley would suggest that regular Tai Chi & Qigong could be just what you need to enhance your appeal and social attractiveness. And who of us couldn’t benefit from that?

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