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Not Exercising May Be Worse for Your Health Than SmokingAnd What you can do About it!

Everyone knows there are many benefits to being fit, but the latest US study found that missing out on exercise is particularly bad for your health. it even suggested that it is more damaging to your health than smoking.

Keep up a vigorous exercise regime

The massive study details how researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found a clear connection between a longer, healthier life and high levels of exercise. The report exhorts health care professionals to encourage their patients to keep up a vigorous exercise regime. Something the Hine Institute has been advocating for decades.

“Throw all of your Money on the Floor then pick it up coin by coin”

Is old Chinese Medicine Advice and demonstrated centuries ago they knew the importance of exercise on health. We may no longer use much physical coins, but the advice should not be lost.

The Cleveland study stated vigorous exercise is associated with greater survival rates especially those with hypertension.

The Simple Cure is Exercise

The study concluded a sedentary lifestyle is the corresponding to having a major chronic disease. The study suggests simplest cure is exercise.

Tai Chi and a Brisk Walk to cure your ills.

There are two major risks to a long and healthy life;

Stress & Anxiety and a Sedentary Life Style.

1 Stress and Anxiety can be minimised by Tai Chi and Qigong. Research has indicated that they can minimise stress with all of the resultant benefits.

The only thing you have to do is practise everyday for at least 20 minutes minimum. The benefits of regular Tai chi practise are well known;

Better Sleep

Building Resistance to Disease.

Helps Back Problems.

Builds Energy.

Lifts your Mood.

Makes you feel better overall.

2 Hsing I or a Brisk Walk for 20 minutes.

Hsing I- You have probably never heard of it before, but it is an art we still teach almost a thousand years after it was invented. It harnesses the natural power of your body with deep breathing and mental focusing exercises. You can begin fairly gently and gradually increase the exercise level as you get fitter and fitter. Alternatively, if you don’t have a Hsing I class near you, could take;

A Brisk Walk – It has been demonstrated that even short brisk walks can have a beneficial effect on your health.

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