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Qigong Boosts Immune System and Lowers Inflammation

Don’t Feel like Going Out and just can't be bothered? Your Immune System might be down.

Feel a bit under the weather, wish you could feel better all around?

Yes it is a common feeling in our hustling, bustling life styles, but is it a necessary side effect of how we live live/

And what is more important is can we do anything about it?

The answer is yes to all of those questions.

We live our lives mostly inside, staring at screens, not only at work but but in our “free time” too. When your brain is constantly stimulated there is no down time for the body to repair, especially when constantly staring at screens disturbs our sleep patterns.

Tai Chi and Qigong boosts your Immune System

A review in 2010 found immune function increased when you practise Tai Chi. It was focusing on the Shingles virus, but that virus is only present when your immune system is under par. They found that this mind body practise has a direct on your immune system. When your immune system is working well you feel good and when it's not -you feel bad.

Tai Chi & Qigong reduce Inflammation - makes you feel good.

Inflammation is closely related to your immune systems ability to defend you from disease Studies confirm Qigong and Tai Chi help reduce inflammation, according to the 2010 review:

Tai Chi & Qigong, stimulate Digestion and Metabolism

Reviews have found improvements in thyroid Hormone meaning not only your digestion works better, but you begin to feel better.

Tai Chi & Qigong, stimulate Immune Function.

It was noted an increase in Lymphocytes (white cells) after Tai Chi & Qigong meaning the body is more prepared to deal with any infections that are going around.

It has also shown an improvement in natural killer (NK) cells that hunt down any invading pathogens.

Seriously do you need any more reasons to learn and practise Tai Chi & Qigong every? Just feeling good just makes you feel happier.

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