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Strengthen Immunity and Stay Calm

If you have been reading my blogs for any length of time you will know I constantly go on about;

1 Strengthening the immune system

2 Developing a Calm mind

By working on those two things you will have the side effect of looking and feeling younger than you really are. Which is a nice side effect to have isn’t it?

Especially at this time Staying calm, positive and having a strong immune system is essential.

I thought I would teach you a series of things that you can do to do both be calm in all situations help your immunity. Day 1 I am teaching you a simple breathing exercise which will help strengthen your lungs and build a reservoir of energy to help you stay healthy.

Points to remember.

Only breathe in 80% of your lung capacity, don’t” try” and breathe really deep. The simple act of focusing on your breathing with naturally deepen it effortlessly.

Just start off with one or two breaths and work up to 10 over the week.

Keep a strong posture so that your muscles can relax.

Relaxed muscles allow Energy and Blood to circulate freely and oxygenate all of your cells.

Oxygen from your breath and good food creates energy “Chi”.

Your Breath is can quieten your Mind.

The Buddha said “the Mind is a Drunken monkey dancing on Hot Coals”

It never stands still and is constantly reacting to everything going on around it. When something like the Corona Virus comes along it can go into overdrive causing fear, panic and depression. They in turn can depress your immune system and leave you more susceptible to infections even at the best of times let alone now.

How to Quieten your Mind

Do the breathing exercise I am demonstrating it will not only help strengthen your lung energy and immune system but help still your mind.

Emotions Come from the Subconscious Mind and the breath can Calm those Emotions,

When you feel your emotions getting out of control or starting to feel down do this.

Quietly watch your breath, don’t try to control it, just observe just under your nose. Watch the breath flow in and gently flow out again. Any thoughts intrude in this meditation just allow them to flow away and bring your mind back to your breath. Even 5 minutes of this will begin to calm those thoughts.

Does it sound too simple?

This single exercise has been practised by hundreds of millions of people for the last 2,600 years to good effect.

Do it when ever you want to chill or just rake time out.

Keep safe and well.

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