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Tai Chi is Meditation in Motion

People often dismiss Tai Chi as a thing performed by senior citizens in some random park. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Tai Chi not Just for the Elderly, but for Everyone

It is practically performed in an ultra-calm and slow form. All of the movements are performed consciously, feeling every part of the exercise. Science tells us that exercise performed consciously multiplies the benefits many fold. The Hine Institute has actually taught Mindfulness in Movement in the Houses of Parliament in London.

Not Just for Physical Well Being but a Calm mind too.

People who are suffering from osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s have been known to benefit from it. Tai Chi’s benefits not only extend to the physical but also millions of people feeling stressed, anxious or just generally under the weather have seen amazing results too.

Making the Complex Easy

It can also be layered and complex, but learning with Master Hine and his instructors can make it simple and effective for you. Master Hine and his instructors teach their students the meaning of the movements so they can get the essence of Tai Chi quickly.

Turn your Mind Inwards and Calm your Brain

People have a common misconception that Tai Chi is comparable to learning how to dance. It is in fact entirely different. It is based on a calming yin and yang or oppositional rhythm when the flow of the movements meets each other. It is more closely related to meditation with its focused, seamless calm in the midst of movement. The point of these slow but consistent movements is for a short time to turn your mind inwards and calm your brain.

Tai Chi & Qigong Make you Feel Relaxed

Tai Chi and Qigong can make you feel relaxed and free from daily stress, just like meditation. You learn the importance of being in a relaxed state through it. Being relaxed is like being a young tree that has flexible branches and the swirl in the air as if they are dancing with the light breeze. Whereas, old trees have branches that are brittle and even the slightest wind can break them.

It helps you in breathing in the truest sense. When you inhale and exhale properly, activating your abdominal muscles and activate your energy

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