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I am sure that you have noticed the numbers of personal trainers who are now teaching their classes online through necessity because they are locked down. But in addition, you have long established online trainers who only teach online to a worldwide audience. People want to train with them so are happy to do it online as they cannot do it in person. I have had people ask me if I have a class in Rhode Island and in Texas because they had bought my book and want to learn with me, now they can with our Online Tai Chi School.

Could the Corona Virus Speed up the Move Online for many keep fit, Yoga and Tai Chi Schools?

I am wondering just how many might continue online even when the halls and gyms open back up? The Corona virus may hasten the move online and make something happen in months that might have taken years.

Always at the front innovating

But we in the Hine Institute have always been at the forefront of innovation. I think I must have been one of the first personal trainers at least for Tai Chi and Martial Arts in 1984. I never knew it was an innovation, just people wanted detailed instruction, at a faster pace from me than they could get in class. This was the predecessor to what eventually turned into our Advanced classes of today I used to sometimes teach personal training clients between my traditional medicine patients! They never knew!

The World will Never be the Same Again!!

So blurts the media, over and over, yet much of it will. Big business has the ear of the government so most of them will be running at full tilt very soon. But small businesses, clubs, classes and organisations will be different. Many will never reopen, at least in the flesh, because of the overheads and the fact they received no help from the government. This is obviously bad for the people who don’t reopen, but it will force business, clubs and organisations to innovate into new ways of delivering their training. We have an online school and will almost certainly find other ways to teach our message, as well as our classes.

​​​​​​​Hine Institute Online School CLICK

The way I teach in the Online class is based on the way I teach my advanced students. I demonstrate a technique and point out all of the pertinent points they must adhere to. This exactness ensures the very best results. To try to recreate this experience for online students I show each move from different angles. Many people try to learn online and find it difficult to recreate being in a real class-but I think we have succeeded. Several people have said “you really can learn Tai Chi from this course”. Er that is what we intended.

We will constantly find new ways of teaching Tai Chi and Qigong to fit in with the changing lifestyles of our students.

At the moment we have no idea when the lockdown will allow in person classes to restart. So, until then we will be on Zoom interactive with the Advanced Classes and Hsing I and online with the Long Form Tai Chi Online School Click.

Please keep safe and well until we next meet up in class – or online or Zoom or….



PS Please see below a pictures from the making of our online Tai Chi course.

It was shot with a fourteen-person film crew.

Four Cameras Broadcast Quality.

The soundstage was 40 feet long (12 metres) specially built for the programme.

back drop and floor in brilliant white.


It was extremely hot under the massive main lights above me on stage. The crew kept coming on in the break and saying “oh my God it is so hot on here” -no kidding.

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