Arthritis is Not Caused By Old Age

Ray was not happy. He was not happy with the manner that the specialist spoke to him and he was not at all happy to be labelled as old. He was determined to give the doctor a piece of his mind when a thought came to him. “Hey,” he said. “Do I have any arthritis in my left hip? “he asked. “The scans show that you left hip is clear of any arthritis,” replied the specialist.

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The Effect of Tai Chi on Health Outcomes in Patients With Chronic Conditions

Four studies evaluated Tai Chi effects on musculoskeletal conditions (Table 3). One RCT of 33 patients with osteoarthritis reported that 12 weeks of Tai Chi practice significantly improved arthritis symptoms, self-efficacy, level of tension, and satisfaction with general health status. Functional capacity (1-leg standing balance, 50-foot (15-m) walking speed, and time to rise from a chair), arthritis self-efficacy, and quality of life (Arthritis Impact Measurement Scale) were measured.

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Tai Chi and Mental Health

My primary research focus is on issues related to chronic pain and chronic illness, such as nursing management of demented patients with chronic pain from osteoarthritis.


I am currently funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research to investigate the possible objective measures of chronic pain in elders with osteoarthritis. Many demented patients suffer from chronic pain that may exacerbate existing cognitive impairment and lead to further suffering.


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Tai Chi Exercises Suitable for Arthritis

One of the best approaches in controlling arthritis is exercise. Next to it is proper diet and so on.

Almost all medical experts’ opinions are focused on the natural way of preventing arthritis which is through practicing Tai Chi.


Furthermore, they concluded that Tai Chi exercises that are suitable for arthritis are those that are concerned with improving muscular strength, fitness and flexibility. It is indeed one of the most effective programs ever to hit the medical scene.

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