Blood Preasure

The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time

How Tai Chi keeps you calm and in Control

You get used to how busy life is, to fitting 48 hours into 36, to multi-tasking and the higher levels of stress and noise.  Just because we are adaptable animals doesn’t mean we are doing ourselves any good!  In fact, the more you have going on in your life extra downtime is essential.  

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Tai Chi reduces blood pressure

As we all know exercise is good for us. But, what about those of us who suffer with high blood pressure? Blood pressure increases with age but, any exercise can help to reduce it. You don’t have to take up running or aerobics. You can start slow, walking, swimming and Tai Chi are great low impact exercises which will build muscle tone, stimulate your heart and lugs and improve circulation, without having any hard impact on joints.

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