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Eat a big breakfast a small dinner and burn DOUBLE the amount of calories

standard_eat_a_big_breakfast_and_a_small_dinner_and_burn_double_the_amount_of_calories.jpegResearchers in Germany appear to have rediscovered and old English observation;

“Eat Like a King at Breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner”.

The Daily Mail reports that “Eating a big breakfast instead of a large dinner could help you burn DOUBLE the number of calories 'because it boosts the metabolism more”

Whereas eating a low-calorie breakfast increases your appetite and a craving for sweet things. We have covered this subject in our blog posts before when you have poor sleep on a regular basis.

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Is Coffee Good for You?

standard_is_coffee_good_for_you.jpegCan the worlds favourite drink live happily with Tai Chi

Everywhere you look people are walking around with cups of coffee. On every street corner seems to be a coffee shop springing up. It might seem like the latest fad but coffee shops have been around in London for a long time. Remember that Lloyds of London Insurance Underwriters started in a coffee shop in 1760 so we have been addicted to the stuff for a long time.

But is coffee good for you? It would seem in moderation yes.

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