Ever Asked yourself why You Feel Tired all the Time? 7 reasons Why you Should be Doing Tai Chi

Do you ever wonder why you feel so tired all the time? then this article might just give you the answers you need. following are some of the most common reasons why tiredness can get you and how you can spring back into action.

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Coffee, Cheese, Sleep tips & Tai Chi - an unlikely combination!

An interesting article this week on tricks to get a good night’s sleep – not the same old tips I might add.  Sleep is so important, not just for our physical selves, but for our mental and emotional health too.  Anyone who has suffered a bad night, or jet lag, will understand. 


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Mindfully loosing weight and stress in 2017 with Tai Chi

weight-loss-starve.jpgQuite a few facebook posts this week for you regarding weight loss, giving up alcohol, how stress is making you ill and some lovely, simple ideas on how to change your life without making a big thing out of it all!  The great thing is that Tai Chi can, and does, support you mind and body in so many ways to make changes simple, easy and takes the fuss out of it all too!


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