Feel good


standard_whatsapp_image_2020-05-31_at_18.26.48.jpegI am sure that you have noticed the numbers of personal trainers who are now teaching their classes online through necessity because they are locked down.  But in addition, you have long established online trainers who only teach online to a worldwide audience. People want to train with them so are happy to do it online as they cannot do it in person.

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Have you Forgotten why you came Here?

standard_have_you_forgotten_why_you_came_here.jpegRob was enthusiastic when he arrived at our class. He explained that stress was getting to him and that his energy was low. Wanting to end that problem as fast as possible and launched himself into Tai Chi and Qigong. At every class there was his happy face beaming back at us. Rob was now relaxed and calm, his energy had returned and his life was good.

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