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The Best Exercises for your Body

Tai Chi is one of the very best

A Harvard Dr has listed the best exercises for your body and running is not one of the them!  He believes swimming is best overall, but closely followed by Tai Chi at number 2. The great advantage with Tai Chi is  don’t have access to a pool, or don’t like swimming.  Of course you can also do Tai Chi almost asnywhere.


Tai Chi is;

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Common themes to be Mindful of with sleep, stress & weight

In this blog of late certain common themes been appearing in the world of research.


These are, that stress, lack of sleep, comfort eating and obesity are all interlinked Lack of sleep causes comfort eating, which lead to stress, leads to sleep deprivation and weight gain and lack of sleep...... If you suffer from work placed stress, where you sit for long periods of time, then this situation can be even worse .


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Here we go again . . . . dieting

So, weight loss.  Again.  Imperial College, London and the University of Glasgow have developed a powhedgehog killerdered food supplement, based on a molecule produced by bacteria in the gut, reduces cravings for high-calorie foods by signals the brain to reduce appetite.  Studies have shown bacteria in the gut release a compound called propionate when they digest the fibre insulin, this is what signals the brain.  Good news if you are a little on the we

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3 x as much spent on weight loss surgery

Just a little bit of exercise every day will make a huge difference – don’t stop that is the secret, be tenacious and walk a little every day. Don’t miss a day, don’t give up, you will see results and you will feel so much better too. Not everyone is built for, or likes, running or swimming or cycling. Don’t let this put you off, just keep trying different forms of exercise until you find the one you like. Walking is great, as its low impact on your joints, its free and everyone already knows how to do it.

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