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Coffee, Cheese, Sleep tips & Tai Chi - an unlikely combination!

An interesting article this week on tricks to get a good night’s sleep – not the same old tips I might add.  Sleep is so important, not just for our physical selves, but for our mental and emotional health too.  Anyone who has suffered a bad night, or jet lag, will understand. 


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Aquatic Exercise and Tai Chi Effective Therapy for Osteoarthritis

Many people with osteoarthritis (OA) in their knees or hips don’t move around enough to loosen up those achy joints or gain the other health benefits of being physically active. Several studies have shown that strength training and aerobic exercise can improve pain, physical function and the general health of people with knee OA. This is great, but for sedentary people who are in pain, the idea of lifting weights or taking a brisk walk may seem like too big a step to take.


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